[goban] DL's Go Game page

If you have the TkPlugIn, see my Tk Go Applet.

With just Tk4.1 (or later), you can play go on the internet go servers with my NetPlug's Go client (see sample screen copy here (the small one in the corner is one also)).

I hacked some tiny PostScript programs (EPSF in fact, display with Ghostview for instance) that draw GoBans:

For informations about the Go game, see one of the very good go pages around like Ken's Go Page ou, en franšais, celle de Jean-Marc Guinnebault

Maintained/© by dl, Last change July 16th 1996.
%!PS-Adobe-1.0 EPSF-10.     %  PS GoBan (c) 1996 by Laurent Demailly
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 150 150  % *** http://www.demailly.com/~dl/go/ ***
/D{def} def/d{dup}D/e{exch}D/s{stroke}D/l{lineto}D/M{mul}D/f{fill}D/S{setgray}D
/R{grestore}D/m{moveto}D/z 9 D/c 15 D/x z c M D/p{42 sub d z mod 1 add e z idiv
1 add gsave 1 index c M 1 index c M c .5 M 1 0 arc gsave f R .5 S s c M e c M e
c .3 M 270 360 arc s R}D 0 0 x 2 M 1 0 arc .9 .7 .5 setrgbcolor f s 0 S c c x{d
c m d x l d c e m x e l}for s(BeJR\\IHP>=6U){p}forall 1 S(?TS[QcGZFOC){p}forall

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