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Laurent Demailly (dl)

The page you see is (still!) an intermediate version, I'm moving my web resources from their previous web home (, unfortunately they pulled the plug on my pages there, the bright side I guess is that should force me to finally complete that move....), back in France to this new (7+ years old actually!) Californian one (sorry that the transition takes so long, I have so much stuff and so little time)!

I try to keep this page smaller than a common 'screen' and readable by every browsers. Please use the index above for specific subjects or access the following hot selection (But don't miss the What's New section, it is updated very often!!)

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My web presence started in Feb 1994 (yes 1994, that's not a typo) on what was then and you can see a glimpse of that glorious past on the ultra cool WayBackMachine: hplyot circa 1996 (unfortunately only the front page is 1996, my home page link itself is from 98... too bad they did not archive the 94/96 version)

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