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Laurent Demailly (dl) work page

My resume.

I was working for Sun Microsystems (a great company, then at least) since I arrived (June 1997) in the Silicon Valley but joined the dot com craze in Sept 1999 and managed to last until end of January 2003, working for a then (in 1999) cool secret startup, now known as Xtime !

Older events (Apr 13th 1998): I joined what I found is the hottest and most exciting project around: JavaOSTM . More specifically, I'm working on the security issues there.

My previous work at Sun included:

I joined Sun in 1997 to work in John Ousterhout's Tcl/Tk team and more specifically on Safe-Tcl (Usenix98 PostScript paper) and the Plugin with Jacob Levy. Then John left and I was able to find several new exciting options (it was hard to choose!).

Also, with Brent Welch, we redesigned the SunScript web server (now defunct, but part of the content and the look and feel is preserved in my tcl area), it included pages generated from templates so the look and feel can be easily tuned for the whole site. Images work was done with The Gimp and gif optimization with Gifsicle.

A new version of the Tcl plugin is out (since Oct 10th 1997 for the first beta and Jan 21st 1998 for the final 2.0 version)!
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